With Us, Your Chance at Credit Is Real!

If I asked you the question: how do you finance the purchase of your vehicle? What would your answer be? You could answer by saying that you’ll try to get a car loan from your bank. Your answer wouldn’t be wrong, but I’ve got even better news for you.

Car Financing Is Possible with Us

At L’Ami Auto Crédit, you’ll not only get an advantageous car loan, you’ll also be able to choose the vehicle of your choice.

Our advisors can help you and offer you the loan you need to finance your new vehicle, especially if you’ve experienced financial difficulties in your life.

At some point in our lives, we may all have had to deal with more delicate situations. If these have affected your credit rating, know that we offer 2nd and 3rd chance credit. We do business with several financial institutions, so you’ll get the best rate and the flexibility you’re looking for.

You can choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly car loans. Our advisors will help you rebuild your credit report and advise you on budgeting.

At L’Ami Auto Crédit, we offer you a car loan in no time at all. Your chance at credit isn’t just talk, it’s real with us!

A Customized Car Loan

If you want a new vehicle, a car loan becomes a reality. You’ll quickly obtain the car financing you need while improving your financial situation.

We make sure you get a car loan you can afford. Our on-site advisors will offer you a range of options and show you the long-term benefits. In fact, a car loan is undoubtedly the best way to get off on the right foot. You improve your credit bureau score, your payment history is enhanced and you get the vehicle you want.

In just a few minutes, your luck has changed for the better. Come and talk to our L’Ami Auto Crédit team in Chicoutimi, La Malbaie, Baie-Comeau, Alma or Sept-Îles.

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