What Exactly Is Credit Repair?

First of all, you need to know that credit repair involves checking your credit reports for errors with agencies such as Equifax and TransUnion.

You can get your credit report from these agencies and see if there are any errors. If so, it’s possible to rectify the situation. The specialists at L’Ami Auto Crédit in Chicoutimi, La Malbaie, Baie-Comeau, Alma or Sept-Îles can help you do just that.

Rebuilding Credit

You want a fresh start and need some advice on how to move forward. Here are a few ways to improve your credit rating:

  • Make an annual and monthly budget showing your income and recurring expenses
  • Eliminate small balances on your credit cards and other cards
  • Manage your debts by paying your monthly payments on time
  • If you’re in a position to do so, pay your card balances in full every month

These few tips will pay off in the long run. Credit rebuilding isn’t something that happens in a hurry. Time will work in your favor. If you’re able to follow the steps above, you’ll see improvements quickly.

How Do I Get a Loan If I’ve Been Bankrupt?

It’s important to remember that everyone experiences difficult situations in their lifetime. If you’ve declared bankruptcy, you can rebuild your credit within 1 to 12 months of your discharge.

Here are a few tips for quickly rebuilding your credit after this situation:

  • Request a report from the credit agencies to see if all your balances have been zeroed out
  • Get car financing that meets your budget. You’ll then have a positive credit history
  • Open a bank account at a new financial institution
  • Avoid writing NSF checks
  • Pay the balance on your card every month

Come and talk to the experts at L’Ami Auto Crédit right now. We’ll help you get the car financing that’s right for you and the vehicle you want.

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