machine carte de crédit rapprochée dans magasin au saguenay
machine carte de crédit rapprochée dans magasin au saguenay

What Credit Can Do for You

Over-indebtedness is a problem we often hear about in the media. Yet, there is nothing wrong in itself about credit. When it is used well, it can provide several advantages you should bear in mind.

Below, L’Ami Auto Crédit tells you more about the advantages credit can bring to your wallet and to your credit history.

Keep money in your pockets

If you have savings in your bank account, you might be tempted to use them for a considerable purchase such as a car. After all, or so you reason, it allows you to save on interest! I know that sometimes the cheaper vehicles that are sold by individual parties seem more interesting to you than the vehicles on offer at a dealership.

But before rushing ahead to empty your bank account and buy a vehicle, we have some advice to give you. First, incurring such a large expense in this way creates a hole in your bank account.

What that means, on one hand, is that you will compromise other projects, such as travelling. On the other, should anything unforeseen occur, you will not have any access to that money you worked so hard to collect.

Credit for car loans is a great way to keep your money in your pockets by spreading the payments over time. 

If you do not have enough money saved, it is the best way to get hold of a good quality vehicle. By doing that you are likely to avoid a lot of repair costs.

Building a good credit history

  • Is your credit rating problematic?
  • No credit history?
  • Do you have financial difficulties?

There is only one solution for these situations, and it is credit. Maybe you will say it is not so easy to take out a loan.

That is why we are offering you house and car financing. That option is thought out for people like you, allowing you to build or rebuild your credit history. The only way to improve your credit history is by getting more credit!

Our professionals in Chicoutimi, La Malbaie, Baie-Comeau and Sept-Îles want you to request a free credit report to help you put things right. Contact us for more information!

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