Un couple discute avec une conseillère financier chez le concessionnaire l'ami auto crédit
Un couple discute avec une conseillère financier chez le concessionnaire l'ami auto crédit

What Are the Benefits of a Car Loan?

Financing is often the most beneficial option for purchasing a new vehicle, however there are several options. The personal loan and the car loan are two of them, but the car loan is the most beneficial option.

Getting the best rates and more flexible options are just two of the many benefits.

The Best Rates with a Car Loan

First of all, by choosing a car loan over a personal loan or line of credit, you’ll have the chance to choose a tailored financing plan. Car loans are generally more flexible. You can choose:

  • The term
  • The frequency of payments
  • The rate, which can be fixed or variable

Which bank is best for a car loan? It depends on the periods and other variables. L’Ami Auto Crédit takes care of finding the best offers and the lowest car financing rates by dealing with several institutions.

1st 2nd 3rd Chance Auto-Financing: Fewer Constraints

Moreover, the car loan allows you to obtain financing more easily.

  • Is your financial situation difficult?
  • Your income is unstable?
  • Have you been in debt?
  • Have you gone bankrupt?

The bank will be less inclined to take out a personal loan if you seem to represent a significant risk of non-repayment. That’s another advantage of taking out a car loan with us: financial difficulties don’t become an obstacle thanks to 1st 2nd 3rd chance auto-financing solutions.

Paying off a line of credit requires more discipline, in addition to the terms and limit that can change. As for the terms of the car loan, it is you who chooses the terms.

At L’Ami Auto Crédit in Chicoutimi, La Malbaie, Baie-Comeau, Alma and Sept-Îles, a dedicated team will help you find the most advantageous solution. Get pre-approved today!

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