Specialized credit

2nd and 3rd chance credit

2nd and 3rd chance financing is for everyone and is a real gem. It is often thought that this type of financing will be at an exorbitant interest rate. But beware! As we work with several financial institutions, we make sure to make you save a lot of money.

You have experienced financial difficulties? Has your credit history been strained? Have you gone through a dark period and still have bad credit on your account? We are here for you. The financing we offer allows you to rebuild your credit rating, obtain an advantageous interest rate and, above all, drive off with the vehicle you want.

With over 25 years of experience, our advisors want to make your life easier. Credit is possible with 2nd and 3rd chance financing. Contact our talented team today and let them guide you in choosing your next vehicle. L’Ami Auto Crédit works for you!

Solutions for all situations. Here you are accepted!

Bankruptcy discharged or not
Uncompleted consumer proposal
Retired with pension
Debt consolidation
Accumulated debts
Judgment, recovery
Late payments
Voluntary surrender of a vehicle

Bad credit
First job
Low income
No credit history
First major credit case
Newcomer (SIN starting with 9)

A new way to shop for your car!

Start your application quickly. A simple, secure and fast process! We guarantee our clients the best interest rates and the best conditions. Fill out this form now in complete confidentiality.

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