Un bon crédit tel un papillon sortant de son cocon
Un bon crédit tel un papillon sortant de son cocon

Newcomer? It’s Time to Build Your Credit!

When you first arrived in Canada, you probably heard about credit cards and their importance. Indeed, a credit report is very important to obtain loans here, whether it is for a car or a mortgage and sometimes even to find a rental unit. The credit card is often a first step, but a car credit can also help you build your credit.

L’Ami Auto Crédit helps you build your credit file with the car loan. Our dedicated team in Chicoutimi, La Malbaie, Baie-Comeau, Alma and Sept-Îles offers in-house car financing adapted to all clients.

The Car Loan: A Successful Tool to build your credit

Before granting credit, lenders want to know about your payment habits. They will find this information by searching your credit report, which includes your credit rating, with the TransUnion and Equifax agencies.

If you are new to Quebec, getting a loan can be tricky: the agencies don’t know your financial habits, no matter how good they are! Lenders may refuse to lend or charge very high interest rates. That’s why it’s worth taking out loans, even if you have the money to buy a car!

The car loan you get with our credit bureau will allow you to show that you are a good payer. Some institutions refuse car loans to customers who don’t have a track record: at L’Ami Auto Crédit, we don’t discriminate.

Our clients benefit from first, second and third chance credit plans. You will be sure to drive away in the car you like! L’Ami Auto Crédit also has professionals who give you good advice: contact them or make your request online!

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