Femme pensive pour sa prochaine voiture au saguenay
Femme pensive pour sa prochaine voiture au saguenay

Looking to Finance Your Next Car? Look no Further with L’Ami Auto Crédit

When it comes to financing a new vehicle, there are plenty of options out there and decisions to make. Should you apply for financing at the bank? Should you go directly to the dealership? Of course, these options are certainly feasible, but unfortunately, too many people are turned away. Consider our credit bureau, L’Ami Auto Crédit, if you’re looking for guaranteed vehicle financing.

L’Ami Auto Crédit in Chicoutimi, La Malbaie, Baie-Comeau, Alma and Sept-Îles approves anyone interested in auto loans. Try our vehicle financing calculator now!

Personalized Options

The great thing about L’Ami Auto Crédit is that we offer a solution for all types of clients, without exception, whether you are:

  • Indebted
  • Divorced
  • Unemployed
  • Self-employed
  • New immigrant
  • Student
  • In bankruptcy or not

We take a very personal and human approach to business and never want to put obstacles in the way of customers seeking financing. On the contrary, we are entirely on your side and always looking to find the best possible solution for your situation!

In dealing with many different loan providers, we can find a favourable loan for you without having to submit multiple credit applications. This is because each application that is denied shows up on your file and this is something we want to avoid at all costs!

Applicants who have suffered from financial difficulties in the past are often presented with unfavourable plans that carry astronomical interest rates. Have no fear—at L’Ami Auto Crédit, we strive to find you the best possible offer no matter what your financial history. 

Whether your credit history is not up to par, or you simply don’t have one, we always try to find a suitable and personalized solution for you in a timely manner. Flexibility is yet another of our key qualities: the length of the loan, the number of payments, the fixed or variable rate, we leave this entirely up to you! 

Our professionals are here to help you. Fill out your application in just a few clicks and you’ll get a quick response and be on your way!

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