Banc pour personne retraité dans un parc de la région du saguenay
Banc pour personne retraité dans un parc de la région du saguenay

Getting Financing as a Retiree Is Possible!

If you’re retired and looking to buy a new car, you’ve probably realized that it’s not an easy task. Indeed, whether it is because of age or lower income, retirees can be turned down a lot!

We can reassure you right away: there are financing options available for retirees. L’Ami Auto Crédit will help you get your hands on the right car loan.

Best Car Financing Rates: Lots of Options and Flexibility

Not all financial institutions and creditors offer the same options, especially when it comes to a unique situation like finding a loan in retirement. Trying to do your own research can be time consuming and burdensome!

The advantage of doing business with a credit office is that we have many partners. Among other things, this gives us access to specialized solutions in addition to providing us with an overview of the options on the market.

This allows us to find the best car financing rates, and most importantly, the best auto credit deal. Whatever your financial situation, we find the best solution for you!

Enjoy Retirement with the Car You Want

When you retire, it’s also a time to make new plans. Find the car you need to:

  • Travel
  • Do new activities
  • Spend time with children/grandchildren
  • Visit family and friends

L’Ami Auto Crédit is a partner of many dealerships and gives you access to over 600 vehicles! Whether you need a small sedan or a large SUV to tow recreational vehicles, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Our credit offices in Chicoutimi, La Malbaie, Baie-Comeau, Alma and Sept-Îles help you live your retirement in style. Apply for financing online or call us today!

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