enfant en affaires tuxedo avec baboune tenant une carte de crédit
enfant en affaires tuxedo avec baboune tenant une carte de crédit

Credit, It’s Not Bad to Have Some!

It’s often said that one who pays one’s debts is a wealthy person, but we can equally say that having credit is a good thing.

The Advantages of Having Credit

You might think that not having credit is a good thing in itself, but careful!

Having credit allows the person that is thinking about lending you money to trust you. Your credit history, how you meet your financial obligations, the payments made on your credit card, are all elements that allow someone to assess your credit status. 

But don’t worry about your credit history. You might be thinking, for example, that if you missed some payments on your credit card it will automatically affect your credit score and that you won’t be able to get auto financing.

If you’re thinking this way, you need to change your perspective. The experts at L’Ami Auto Crédit help you and encourage you to go one step further. You need to know that credit is not a bad thing in itself. It allows you to obtain something you need and enjoy it for a long period of time. Finally, it gives you the possibility to get a loan for the first time or improve an unfortunate situation.

Come and Visit Us!

Our experts at L’Ami Auto Crédit know their trade very well, and they will offer you advantageous financing solutions for your new or pre-owned vehicle. They will answer all your questions and support you in your choices. They will offer you flexible credit plans that will meet your budget needs.

Don’t wait any longer and trust a dedicated team that knows credit like the back of their hands. L’Ami Auto Crédit, excellent on all fronts!

masculine hand giving credit card to child or feminine hand
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