Car Financing

Car Financing

Financing is a healthy and beneficial payment option for many consumers, especially when it comes to a major investment such as buying a car. However, for some, the words “financing” and “pre-approval” can become a real nightmare, as many banking institutions and dealerships close the door to them because of poor credit records.

At L’Ami Auto Crédit, we don’t turn anyone away and we make sure to find a solution adapted to each of our clients.

Everyone has a chance

A credit file with a few blemishes, such as bankruptcies, discharged or not, late payments or accumulated debts can quickly become a burden when looking for a car loan.

Many dealerships talk about 2nd and 3rd chance credit, words that we prefer to abolish from our vocabulary. Why? Simply because these last-chance options are often disadvantageous for customers, with terribly high interest and financing rates.

Furthermore, we prefer to put all our clients on an equal footing: you don’t get a 2nd or 3rd chance, you get, above all, the same chance as everyone else.

So we find a specialized credit solution for all cases, whether your credit record is not in the best of shape or if you have no record at all, whether it is because you are a newcomer, you are still young or simply because you have not taken out many loans.

Whatever car you’re interested in or need, we’ll make sure you get behind the wheel of it!

Solutions for all situations. Here you are accepted!

Bankruptcy discharged or not
Uncompleted consumer proposal
Retired with pension
Debt consolidation
Accumulated debts
Judgment, recovery
Late payments
Voluntary surrender of a vehicle

Bad credit
First job
Low income
No credit history
First major credit case
Newcomer (SIN starting with 9)

Advantageous solutions

As we mentioned earlier, 2nd and 3rd chance credit solutions offered to customers experiencing financial difficulties are, most of the time, real financial burdens.

At L’Ami Auto Crédit, we are able to help you get a loan that you can easily pay off. To do this, we deal with a large number of lenders, including several financial institutions.

This means that our financing specialists have access to a vast network, allowing them to get their hands on the most attractive rates on the market at the time of your request. This not only saves you research time, but also ensures that you get the most advantageous solution for you!

Based on your financial situation and budget, we make sure to find a personalized payment solution that you are able to pay, which will ultimately allow you to rebuild your credit with an car loan.

Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to your situation; our contracts are clear and transparent, and we work first and foremost to help you acquire your dream car.

A comprehensive team

Our team of financing specialists is made up of friendly human beings who have one thing at heart: your success!

That’s why they are dedicated to finding a financing plan that benefits you and fits your financial situation, no matter how unstable. Listening to your concerns, our advisors can give you the best advice to help you find a personalized solution.

Our advisors have more than 25 years of experience and are determined to continue making your life easier. All these years at your service have allowed us to perfect our skills to always offer you the best.

Our warm and understanding professionals are used to working with clients from all horizons, whose financial situations can range from simple to complex! Tell them about your difficulties, and they will know how to help you with sound advices.

Contact our financing specialists now and let us help you get a car loan tailored to your needs.

In just a few clicks, fill out our online form: it will save you time and allow us to get back to you with personalized financing proposals quickly. Our advisors will then contact you and will be delighted to discuss your next car purchase with you!

With L’Ami Auto Crédit, car financing is possible for everyone!

Need financing for your next vehicle purchase?

At L’Ami Auto Crédit, you will get the vehicle of your dreams with quick and easy financing. We assure you the best rate on the market and an agent will respond to your request quickly.

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