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Tele-financing for your car loan online

Over the past year, a large part of many people’s daily lives has become virtual, between telecommuting, distance learning and more frequent online shopping. The L’Ami Junior group has been proactive in setting up a brand new 100% virtual car buying experience, the e-commerce. It allows you to do all the research, the choice of

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What Are the Benefits of a Car Loan?

For most people, financing is the best way to buy a new vehicle, but there are several options. The personal loan and the car loan are two of them: find out why the car loan is the option that gives you the most benefits. If you need a car loan, L’Ami Auto Crédit is the

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Rebuilt your credit

How Do You Rebuild Your Credit in Time of Pandemic?

Any car financing specialist will tell you that if you need credit, you need to get your personal finances in order. The financing experts at L’Ami Junior Group will give you useful advice that will help you get back on track quickly. L’Ami Auto Crédit has specialized for many years in car financing in Saguenay,

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easy access to car financing

Easy Access to Car Financing

Buying a car is often a necessity, but often buyers are turned down for financing because of their credit rating. The last year’s circumstances have resulted in even worse financial hardships for consumers, even for those who were doing well before. Fortunately, L’Ami Auto Crédit has solutions and offers you second and third chance credit

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Needing credit

Need credit? Car financing holds no secrets for us!

Several questions often come to mind when it comes to acquiring a used vehicle with its Carfax report or applying for credit. At L’Ami Auto Crédit, we have all the answers and solutions for you; it has been our business for many years. The best car loan solution can be found at L’Ami Auto Crédit,

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