femme heureuse tenant un portable ayant été aidée pour son crédit auto
femme heureuse tenant un portable ayant été aidée pour son crédit auto

Automobile: Learn More About L’Ami Auto Crédit!

Since 2014, L’Ami Auto Crédit has built a team of professionals in adapted financing for vehicles. Thanks to the expertise of its general manager, Mr. Yannick Simard, L’Ami Auto Crédit excels with innovative solutions that have allowed thousands of people to benefit from the advantages of in-house financing.

Auto financing is evolving and for the past 6 years, the experts at L’Ami Auto Crédit have been adapting their strategies to satisfy customers who are facing financial difficulties.


In-house financing differs from conventional commercial financing. The client’s ability to pay and reimburse his car loan must be respected. L’Ami Auto Crédit’s personalized approach ensures that each client remains unique.

Our experts will take the time to discuss your needs, present you with different options and adapt their loan offer to your situation. At L’Ami Auto Crédit, we like to do things in the right order, and we take the time to understand your situation and your credit.

If in the past, you have experienced a difficult financial situation, we have some interesting levers to get you back on track. Not only do we deal with several financial institutions, but we also have an alliance with the Credit Bureau of Canada (CBCC) which allows us to analyze your file and restore it faster than you think. Even more interesting, since we are specialists in home financing, we offer you customized loans that will meet your ability to pay.

“No turn in ON” is the motto of our General Manager, Mr. Yannick Simard. Literally, “I turn no into yes.”

His goal is to offer the client a personalized and professional approach while simplifying the financing process. L’Ami Auto Crédit is not there to sell you just any vehicle. Its first goal is to get you back on track with a loan adapted to your needs.

“It is not a question of pushing the customer to sell him any car, but of restoring his credit so that he can buy the car that suits him,” says Yannick Simard.

The nuance is important and shows how sensitive the specialists remain to each situation.

At L’Ami Auto Crédit, we take the time to analyze your credit history, establish your credit limits together and make you an adapted proposal with a clearly advantageous interest rate.

For the team at L’Ami Auto Crédit, a successful sale means that the customer will be able to re-establish his credit while having access to a car, which requires thoughtful and personalized strategic planning. Moreover, this service is as much for customers who wish to buy a new car as a used car.

All in all, at L’Ami Auto Crédit we make your life easier; the home financing that will be granted to you will not only allow you to leave with the automobile of your dreams, but the proposed approach will serve to raise the bar and you will become even better in terms of your personal finances.

Satisfied Customers… Since 2014!

The restoration of credit requires home financing adapted to your situation. Your next car loan will serve as a springboard to improve your credit rating. At L’Ami Auto Crédit, we remain convinced that this type of financing is the best way to restore your situation. By showing the credit agencies that you are able to repay your car loan according to the terms and conditions offered to you. Without realizing it, you score points and restore your credit.

L’Ami Auto Crédit, an initiative of Groupe L’Ami Junior since 2014, is present more specifically in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Charlevoix and Côte-Nord regions. Our team is at your disposal everywhere in Quebec and will know how to meet your expectations. Don’t hesitate any longer, come to L’Ami Auto Crédit now and benefit from the expertise of our specialists in home financing. You will leave with the vehicle of your dreams and an action plan adapted to your needs. We are waiting for you!

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