20 October 2021

Woman unhappy that her credit score is going down like the arrow she is holing

Payment History and Car Loan: A Happy Marriage!

There are several factors that can speed up the processing of your car loan application. Among these, the payment history is undoubtedly an important element since it shows your capacity to pay regularly and gives confidence to your lenders.

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Yes, I Can Get a Car Loan on a Low Income!

The key with this type of financing is not to go overboard, meaning it is better to borrow for a smaller vehicle and be able to make your regular payments than overspend and increase your monthly payments. Financial institutions look at the amount borrowed, but what also counts is the regularity of your payments, especially when it comes to regaining the favour of lenders following financial difficulties.

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Telefinancing for your car loan online

Over the past year, a large part of many people’s daily lives has become virtual, between telecommuting, distance learning and more frequent online shopping. The L’Ami Junior group has been proactive in setting up a brand new 100% virtual car buying experience, the e-commerce. It allows you to do all the research, the choice of a car and its purchase online, including the choice of a financing plan.

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