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L’Ami Auto Crédit, created in 2014, is an initiative of Groupe L’Ami Junior, a group of several car dealerships in Chicoutimi, Alma, La Malbaie, Sept-Îles and Baie-Comeau. The L’Ami Auto Crédit’s goal is to offer advantageous financing solutions for the purchase of vehicles to all of its customers, regardless of their financial situation. Now, how do they do it?

First, financial experts individually assess the financial situation of their clients. Taking charge of the customer is an important step, you must look at the ability to pay, the credit history and, most importantly, their needs. If the client is struggling with financial difficulties, financing professionals can offer him a loan adapted to his situation and an opportunity to re-establish his credit at an advantageous rate. L’Ami Auto Crédit offers 2nd and 3rd chance credit options to meet the needs of all its customers. No case is turned down and no one is left behind: whether it is bankruptcy, divorce, debt or low income, L’Ami Auto Crédit has a solution tailored to you.

The seasoned team is responsible for finding the best auto financing deals for their customers. Following the analysis of the customer’s situation and the pre-approval, the team of experts will offer you a personalized and advantageous car loan. Indeed, L’Ami Auto Crédit does business with several large financial institutions to ensure that it obtains an auto loan with interest rates as low as 1.9%flexible payment options and suitable terms.

L’Ami Auto Crédit is first and foremost a team of financing experts working for you. They are able to grant advantageous car loans, but also to advise you on how to improve your personal credit. They establish and maintain lasting relationships with their customers and primarily aim to meet their automotive and financial needs. Auto loan experts can offer you a loan suited to your financial capacity, by fulfilling your responsibility to repay the instalments, you can improve your credit rating and, thus, reacquire or consolidate the confidence of the banks.

Groupe L’Ami Junior‘s affiliated dealers offer large inventories of new vehicles from the brands Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and more. Also benefit from an inventory of more than 200 reliable and scrupulously inspected used vehicles at the online dealership. We offer popular brands like Mazda, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, as well as luxury brands like Audi, BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. There is something for all tastes and needs in our dealers in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Côte-Nord and Charlevoix regions.

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